The actions undertaken by the Lab of IMS include:

  • Methodology of Geophysical Measurements: Geophysical Prospection and Chemical Analyses.
  • Methodology of Satellite Remote Sensing and Aerial Photography.
  • Processing and Synthesis of Results.
  • Training Activities – organization of workshops.

Work Packages:

  • Wp1: Development of Mobile Instrumentation for The Analysis of Materials And The Conservation of Monuments.
  • Wp2: Development of an Integrated System Of Mapping Archaeological Sites Emphasizing The Usage Of Spaces.
  • Wp3: Adoption of Inspire Directive to The Geospatial Cultural Data.
  • Wp4: Information Technologies for The Management And Presentation of the Information of Cultural Resources.
  • Wp5: Innovative Techniques For The Analysis, Diagnosis, Conservation.
  • Wp6: Training And Workshops To Students and Professionals.

Time table: July 1 2013 – September 30 2015